Consultant Geophysicist

Project Summary

Proprietary mapping in the HTHP area of the Central Graben for a major Operator .

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From 2001 to 2003 I was part of a major operator's multi-discipline team carrying out regional mapping and prospect maturation in the High Temperature High Pressure area of the Central Graben in the UK's North Sea.

Location of proprietary mapping in the HTHP region of the Central Graben

The project involved prospect mapping and maturation up to recommendation accepted for drilling around the HTHP fields of Shearwater and Elgin-Franklin and the very deep grabens eastwards of the J-Ridge. Depositional uncertainties of the Middle Jurassic reservoir still cloud the development of Kessog while the adjacent Jade field, with its Triassic reservoir, is a success.
The greatest risk still lies with structural uncertainty caused by difficulty in mapping the Permian salt layer, and understanding its affect on Triassic and Jurassic deposition. A simple 2D gravity modelling study allowed the Top Salt to be mapped with more confidence, mitigating some of these problems.
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