Consultant Geophysicist

Project Summary

Technical Due Diligence and Acreage evaluation: Cambay basin, India and Deep Water Nile Delta, Egypt.

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In 2003 I was part of a multi-discipline team assessing acreage purchases and farm-in deals for a major utility company wanting to enter the upstream hydrocarbons business. Opportunities in the CB-OS/1 and 2 blocks of the Cambay Basin, on India's western seaboard and the deep water NEMED concession, offshore Egypt were reviewed.

The work included technical auditing, independent assessment of STOIIP and GIIP hydrocarbon volumes and reserves audit of the hydrocarbon assets that were available for purchase and farm-in.

Cambay Basin Map
The Cambay Basin, on India's western seabord

NEMED Concession Map
The NEMED concession north of the Nile Delta, Offshore Egypt.

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