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Stuart and Delia Fletcher, husband and wife partnership of Stuart Fletcher Ltd

Stuart Fletcher Ltd is the company under which I operate as a Geophysical Consultant.

I have been operating as an independent geophysicist, under my own company, since 1999, providing cost effective geophysical support and expertise to the oil and gas industry. I have carried out successful projects for major operating companies in both field development and exploration.

Having graduated from London University in 1974 I was lucky enough to be given a start as a Seismic Interpreter with the small London based consultancy, V.C. Illing and partners, created by the one-time Professor of Petroleum Geology at Imperial College.

After a three year spell shooting and processing seismic data with GSI, (to find out what it was all about!) I joined Exploration Consultants Limited (ECL) in Henley. There, for the next 18 years, I worked as a geophysicist on a hugely varied selection of multi-disciplinary projects covering petroleum basins from most parts of the world, from Russia to the Caribbean, East and West Africa, the Central European Pannonian Basin and the North West European continental shelf.

Since 1999, as an independent geophysicist, I have worked mostly on the North West European continental shelf, based in either the UK or The Netherlands. The companies I have worked for and a résumé of the projects are given in my CV and under the Consultancy section of this website.

I retired from the oil and gas industry, after 44 very enjoyable and productive years, in 2018.